I’m Now Desperate, I To Want To Get Married Before 30 – Popular Actress Reveals


Popular Ghanaian actress and Television host, Adu Safawaah Regina says she is very desperate to get married before she turns 30 years old.

According to the 28-years old multiple awards-winning screen goddess, she is fast running out of time because she must be married before age thirty (30) no matter what.

“… I want to marry before turning 30… I am desperate to marry and it must be before I turn 30 years old,” she confessed to Ayesha Passah on the “The A Show” aired Tumpaani TV.

She boldly answered that she is 28 years old when the host Ayesha Passah subtly asked how old she is right now.

Now, with just two years more to hit age 30, Adu Safawaah Regina who admitted that she is dating someone is likely to push her fiance to marry her.

Maybe she might even be the one to sponsor the marriage.


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