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Who Would Listen To The Atheist?

Imagine you had God on a hot seat, what would be your first question? In principle, the very thought of having God another time brings the Christian into full knowledge of many things. Billy Graham would have had his question about Moses answered, while Ravi Racharias would also have his …

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Screenshots: No Money For Greedy Ameyaw Debrah

Today, Mr. John Dumelo shared the YouTube link to his white wedding. He wrote, ‘here are more pictures. Please don’t forget to subscribe to see the videos soon.’ Ameyaw Debrah replied the post with these words: “Efo you like money oh. Now you wan chop our YouTube coins too? Instead …

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A Quote From Jon Benjamin To The Religious Guys

‘I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned,’ Jon Benjamin posted a quote by Richard Feynman. Since it’s his Sunday ritual to post something for the religious guys, I’d have to assume the Christian faith is being called to task here. I don’t …

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