Nigel Gaisie Has Abandoned His Wife Because Of ‘Juju’ Powers – Pastor Kakra

Prophet Nigel Gaisie


Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel and his legally married wife do not live together in the same house.

According to his former Junior Pastor named Kakra making a guest appearance on ‘The Seat’ host by Justice Anane on an Accra-based Net 2 Television revealed that Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been warned by a fetish priest in the Gambia to keep away from his wife.

Pastor Kakra narrated that his former boss Prophet Nigel Gaisie left his wife at their Taifa residence because of the instructions given to him by the fetish priest in the Gambia.

Pastor Kakra stressed that the fetish priest warned Prophet Nigel Gaisie not to have any sexual intercourse with his legally married wife.

For Prophet Nigel to adhere to the instructions from the fetish priest, he had to move from his house to stay in the church office.

He stressed that Prophet Nigel and his wife stayed apart from three and more years without any form of contact at all.

Shockingly, Prophet Nigel was rather sleeping with other female members of his church, Pastor Kakra added.


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