Eddie Kay reveals secrets why Christians don’t pay tithe

Eddie Kay

Gospel artiste manager and blogger Edward Offei popular known in showbiz as Eddie Kay has added his voice on why most Christians have refused to make tithing a habit in church lately, though the Bible emphasized the importance of tithing which of cause is part of a good Christian lifestyle.

According to him, most churches have introduced a habit of recording monies being paid to God either on a daily or monthly basis.

God commanded Christians to make tithing a habit so that there would be plenty of food in his house and God would in turn open windows of blessings.

This was the command! He did not ask church leaders to keep records in any tithe book.

He further touched on the fact that people would want to keep what they earn by themselves and not disclose it to anyone,

Pastors and religious leaders should keep telling us about tithing and allow whatever we pay to God to be a secret between us and God he said!

Speaking to, Eddie Kay gave a very good narrative of how people would want to give their tithes to the poor and needy on the street rather than taking it to church for records to be taken on them.

Yes, it is very bad behavior to change the command of God by giving what is supposed to go to his house on the street and think it’s the same, therefore he asked that, if those records taking would be ceased and allow people to drop cash or things anonymously, it would be good.