We will take legitimate actions for this injustice – John Dramani Mahama

Leader of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), John Dramani Mahama has made it known to Ghanaians that he will take actions for the injustice that took place during the declaration of the results.

John Dramani Mahama in his view said his party had won both the presidential and parliamentary elections and saw no reason why results manipulated by his opponent party, New Patriotic Party(NPP) should be declared as legit.

Addressing the nation from the party’s headquarters on the 10th of December 2020, he said,  “The facts and figures on the pink sheets available to us indicate that numerous steps have been taken to manipulate the elections in favor of the incumbent president.”

He further continued saying, “We will take legitimate steps to reverse this travesty of justice,”.

He added “There is no doubt that every Ghanaian in this country voted for change. We did so both In the presidential and parliamentary elections.

“I am a staunch believer in the experiment of democracy, a system of governance that allows the ultimate decision making power to rest in the hands of you the good people of Ghana. We the  people who with an eye towards the future we will like for our dear country elect representatives to forward and realise that vision. Government serves at the choice and direction of the people of this great nation.”

He called out to the media to present what really transpired during the elections.

“Be resolute and present a fair account of what has transpired in this period,” he concluded.

Kerzia Anani
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