Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Gambling is recreation, not a way to earn a living” – Drake advises


International music icon, Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham has shared some deep thoughts on gambling and how one must not solely depend on it for a living.

Drake who is the reigning Billboard’s “Artiste of the Decade” stated on Instagram that gambling is for recreation and not a way to earn a living.

According to the Canadian rapper, the youth must see gambling as an activity of leisure and something to depend on for a living.

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He posted;

“Never show anger at slight. Tell nothing. Earn respect from everyone by deeds, not words. Respect the members of your blood family.

Gambling is recreation, not a way to earn a living. Love your father, your mother, your sister, think harder about who you call your brothers and beware of loving any woman other than your wife”.