Xandy Kamel Uses Her Wedding Ring To Mock Slay Queens With Flat Tummy


Kumawood actress, Xandy Kamel did not waste time to clap back at some slay queens with flat tummy after her white and traditional marriage.

Xandy Kamel is officially married to her sweetheart Kaninja earlier today, May 14, 2020, in a colorful ceremony held at the Paloma Hotel in Spintex.

The actress, instead of thanking God for the success of her marriage decided to take some slay queens who think flat tummy is everything.

Apparently, these slay queens have also used their flat tummy to mock Xandy Kamel for having a potbelly.

According to her, she has been able to grab a man and own the ring with her potbelly stomach.

Watch the video below;


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