Sammy Forson Neglects Son – Ex-Girlfriend Threatens With Law Suit


Before Sammy Forson married his existing wife, he then had a son with Pearl (now an ex-girlfriend and baby mother) out of wedlock but since his marriage, he has totally neglected her and his son by not providing welfare funds towards the son’s general upkeep, security and education.

According to the ex-girlfriend, they started dating after Sammy Forson left City FM. They stayed together for years then and she got pregnant for Sammy within that same period. The lady confirms that Sammy Forson held the naming ceremony for their child and he named the child. The son still bears Sammy’s surname.

Reasons yet not stated, the lady and Sammy Forson broke up in 2014. After the breakup, Sammy insisted that the son stays with his mother (Sammy’s mother) in Swedru. Pearl consented to his insistence and Jason was taken to Swedru.

“For a whole year, I never heard from my son, Sammy was not answering my calls. He even blacklisted my contact”. She quoted ditto. She had a hint from an acquaintance that her son is being maltreated by Sammy’s family in Swedru, so she went to Swedru to take him back to Accra. The then little Jason could not out make out the lady as his mother, so he acted repulsive towards to her, refusing to accept her. ” Jason denying me got me super anger, so I decided to take him away from Sammy’s family as I couldn’t afford to lose my son’s acknowledgement of me as his mother”. The lady tells why she wanted to have Jason with her in Accra.

While the lady was on her way to Accra with Jason, the Swedru police intersected her and sent her to the station for instant interrogation. After hearing her side of the case, the Swedru police commander ruled that Jason be in mum’s custody, adding that for the fact that the lady is not insane and she’s able to take care of her child as its rightful mother, her in-laws must allow her to take Jason to Accra.


For four years now since Jason has been with his mum, Sammy Forson has not sent over any money for Jason’s welfare. All cares are solely on the lady. The lady says Sammy is of the judgement that if he sends money for Jason, she will also benefit by using a cut for herself, so he will never take care of Jason until Jason is in his (Sammy’s) family’s custody.

Last year, the lady summoned Sammy at DOVSU. At the first deliberation when both Sammy and his ex-girlfriend were present, DOVSU demanded receipts of Jason’s school fees. It was ¢800 per term. Pearl has been paying Jason’s school for four years now without Sammy’s contributions, according to her. DOVSU ruled that Sammy takes co-responsibility by providing for his son as a good father would, but Sammy has still never respected DOVSU’s judgement. He has, since the first deliberation, dishonoured DOVSU’s subsequent calls. He defaults whenever DOVSU needs him.

Angry baby mama now wants to sue Sammy in court. Earlier on, she didn’t want the suit affected, her reason being that she didn’t want to stain Sammy’s hard-earned career reputation. She called K.O.D and others in to mediate by advising Sammy but he still hasn’t changed his mind from neglecting Jason.


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