Saturday, February 27, 2021

Prophecies that do not give sound minds are demonic – Celestine Donkor

Sensational gospel musician, Celestine Donkor has risen to cite that prophecies that do not give sound judgements are demonic.

According to the gospel musician, anything that does not portray the power of God, discipline and sound mind is demonic making prophets who prophesy to make their subjects panic demonic in a way.

“The Bible says the spirit of God does not give us fear but power, sound mind and discipline and anything that brings fear is demonic, so anything that you are communicating to someone that does not give sound mind is demonic”, she revealed.

Celestine Donkor on New Day with Mzgee revealed she believed in prophecies but the way they were communicated was her problem.

“I don’t doubt prophecies at all, I only think that there has to be a particular way of communicating prophecies, because what I have never read in the Bible about Jesus, is to give negative utterances but rather he says, you will not die but live”.

“The Bible says let the poor say I am rich, let the weak say I am strong, so if you see somebody die, you rather call the person and speak life into the person without letting anyone know about it” She concluded.

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