Haruna Seidu Soale Zoree And McLord Ice Impraim: Behind the Scenes Of “Born To Play” NFL Africa Commercial

In the dynamic world of advertising, certain projects transcend borders and capture the collective imagination of audiences worldwide. The NFL Africa commercial, “Born To Play,” debuted during the USA Super Bowl, not only showcased the passion for American football in Africa but also highlighted the talent and dedication of its behind-the-scenes crew. Among these talented individuals were Haruna Seidu Soale Zoree, the Unit and Logistics Manager, and McLord Ice Impraim, the 1st Assistant Director, whose contributions were instrumental in bringing this groundbreaking commercial to life.

Haruna Seidu Soale Zoree, with his extensive experience in logistics management, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the production ran smoothly from start to finish. With meticulous attention to detail, he coordinated the transportation of equipment, managed schedules, and orchestrated the logistics of the shoot in various locations across Africa. Zoree’s ability to navigate logistical challenges with ease and efficiency earned him respect among his peers and contributed significantly to the seamless execution of the project.

On the other hand, McLord Ice Impraim, as the 1st Assistant Director, brought his creative vision and organizational skills to the forefront. Impraim worked closely with the director and production team to translate the creative vision into reality. From casting to scheduling, he played a crucial role in coordinating the efforts of the cast and crew, ensuring that each scene was captured flawlessly. McLord’s ability to multitask and problem-solve under pressure was essential in maintaining the momentum of the production and delivering high-quality results.

The collaboration between Zoree and Mclord exemplifies the importance of teamwork and professionalism in the fast-paced world of commercial production. Despite the challenges posed by tight deadlines and logistical complexities, their dedication and expertise were instrumental in the success of the “Born To Play” commercial. Their names on the crew list not only signify their individual contributions but also serve as a testament to the talent and capabilities of the African film industry on the global stage.

The premiere of the NFL Africa commercial during the USA Super Bowl catapulted it into the international spotlight, garnering attention and accolades from audiences and industry professionals alike. Beyond its captivating visuals and powerful storytelling, the commercial stands as a testament to the untapped potential of African talent in the world of advertising and entertainment.

The NFL Africa commercial have left an indelible mark on the industry, inspiring future generations of filmmakers and storytellers across the continent and beyond.

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