Christian Advises Funny Face to Conduct DNA Test Amidst Baby Mama Drama

In a recent episode of ‘The One King Show’ with Hertilicious, entertainment pundit Christian weighed in on the ongoing saga between Ghanaian comedian Funny Face and his baby mama Venessa. Christian advised Funny Face to conduct a DNA test to determine if he is the biological father of his children.

The controversy surrounding Funny Face and Venessa has been escalating, with Funny Face alleging that Venessa is preventing him from seeing his children. This situation has reportedly caused Funny Face to feel depressed, and he was involved in a near-accident last week Saturday, narrowly avoiding hitting pedestrians.

Given the intense nature of the situation, Christian believes that a DNA test is necessary for Funny Face to ascertain the paternity of his children. This advice comes amidst a wave of public interest and speculation surrounding the comedian’s personal life.

The saga between Funny Face and Venessa has been a hot topic on social media, with many expressing concern for the well-being of Funny Face and his children. As the situation unfolds, many are eagerly awaiting the results of any potential DNA test to shed light on the truth behind the drama.

In light of these developments, Funny Face’s fans and the public at large are watching closely to see how this situation will be resolved. The advice from Christian adds a new dimension to the ongoing saga, highlighting the importance of clarity and resolution in matters of paternity and family.

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