LADIES ONLY: 10 Ways to Make Your Gorgeous Breasts Grow

It is natural to wonder what you would look like if you had a straighter nose, a thinner figure or larger breasts.

We are naturally harder on ourselves than anyone around us is. While other people see you as perfect and beautiful, you may wish that you had a different body.

Before you try medical devices or surgeries to change your breast size, there are some easy, at-home options that can help you to get bigger breasts without having surgery.

1. Change What You Eat

The healthiest options for making your breasts grow are probably going to take longer than surgery. While they may not have immediate results, they will help you to safely and healthily boost your breast size over time. There are certain foods that can help increase breast size. Estrogen is the female hormone responsible for making your breasts grow. Normally, your body produces estrogen in puberty to stimulate breast growth. If you want to speed this process along, you can also eat estrogen-rich foods.

Some estrogen-rich foods include lima beans, dairy products, chickpeas and lentils. Fenugreek seeds are high in estrogen. Look for fruits like cherries, apples and plums or vegetables such as carrots, beets and cucumbers. Other foods that can help include rice, clover, wheat, sage, barley and oregano.

Phytoestrogen is a key ingredient for boosting your estrogen levels. In research studies, pre-menopausal women who took phytoestrogen tablets had an increase in breast tissue. Some of the foods that can help include flax seeds, walnuts, black tea, green tea, chestnuts, winter squash, strawberries, peaches, cashews, pistachios, red wine, white wine and raspberries.

While you could take estrogen supplements to increase your breast size, you should not take them. These pills have side effects and are linked to an increased risk of cancer and blood clots. They could make your breasts grow, but they are not worth the risk. Instead, choose the healthier option of having more estrogen and phytoestrogen in your diet.

2. Gain Weight

Most women do everything that they can to avoid growing weight, so this might not be your first option if you want bigger breasts. With that said, weight gain will help. Your breasts, thighs and stomach tend to gain weight more easily than the rest of your body. All you have to do is increase your caloric intake every day so that you gain a few pounds. Obviously, this option is best if you are a little too thin. If you want to become thinner, then gaining weight will solve one problem only to create another.

3. Use Breast Enhancement Herbs

If you already eat the right foods, some natural herbs can help to make your breasts grow. Fenugreek seed is one of the best options, although clover, oregano and sage can also help. There are also natural herbs available online that are formatted for helping your breasts grow. Personally, I would focus on more natural remedies before taking any pill to make your breasts grow. If you are going through puberty, they are going to grow anyway, so it is better to stick to healthier, safer options.

4. Get Exercising

While your breasts may hide them, you have pectoral muscles that lie underneath your breasts. If you can increase the size of your pecs, it will also make your breasts appear larger. In addition, stronger pecs will give your breasts an instant lift that doesn’t require a push-up bra.

One of the easiest exercise for boosting your pecs is a basic push-up. This exercise can also make your arms toned and strengthen your abs. If you are worried about becoming too muscular, don’t be. Women do not have the same testosterone levels as men, so it is unlikely that you will become “too” muscular unless you are deliberately trying to.

Initially, start by doing two or three sets of push-ups every day. If this is too much for you, start with the amount that you can handle and gradually work your way up. You can also modify the push-ups by doing them with your knees instead of your feet on the ground.

For a more intense, faster exercise, go to the gym and lift dumbbells. The added weight will help to strengthen your pectoral muscles quickly, but just make sure not to overdo it at first. If you have dumbbells and a work out bench at home, you can also do this before work or school. All you need to do is hold the dumbbells in your hands with your hands on your thighs. Your palms should face downward. Then, lift the dumbbells into the area while your hands are straight. After the dumbbells are above your head, lower them down and repeat for 10 repetitions before taking a break.

Some alternative exercise options include the wall press, the fly life and crunches. Crunches will help to trim stomach fat. This makes your abdomen look slimmer, and it creates the optical illusion that your breasts are larger. Meanwhile, the fly lift will help boost your pectoral muscles. You have to lie on your back with your arms out to the sides with weights. The weights should be held sideways as you move your arms outward to make a cross-like shape with your body. Once your arms have formed the cross, bring them inward again to meet at your chest.

A wall press is basically like another type of push-up. You essentially do a push-up against a wall. This may be easier for you to start out with, and it will also work your pectoral muscles.

5. Contouring and Waist Trimmers

We personally do not like this option because it is not a good idea to use a waist trimmer to artificially change your body. We are only mentioning it because it could make your breasts appear bigger. By thinning your waist, you create an optical illusion that your breasts are bigger.

A better option would be to contour your breasts. It basically works around the same concept as contouring your face. Shimmery powder in the right places highlight your breasts, while shading can make it appear like you have more cleavage than you really do. If you need to make your breasts appear bigger right away, contouring is a safe, healthy way to do so.

When you do the contouring, dress up in the exact outfit you are going to wear. Use tissue or toilet paper on the front of your outfit so that you do not get make up on it. A darker powder should be applied between your breasts and in your cleavage area to make a v-like shape along the natural curve of your breasts. Then, a lighter gold or peach color can be blended on the top half of your breasts to highlight this area and make it appear bigger. A sponge can then be used to shade and blend in the colors so that it looks more natural.

6. Get the Right Bra

If you are going through puberty, your breasts will naturally grow. You may not need to do anything else to make it happen, so there is no reason to rush the process along. If you want to have bigger breasts right away, then make sure that you are wearing the right bra. An estimated 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. If you wear a bra that is too small or loose, it can make your breasts look much smaller than they actually are.

If you want your breasts to look bigger, then you need to get the right bra size. You can do this at home or go to a lingerie shop to get fitted professionally. Make sure that you get the right band width. Once you find it, hook it on the hooks that fit best instead of just the tightest ones. You do not want to let the band ride up your back because it should be essentially perpendicular to the line of your body.

Once you find the right bra size, you can also experiment with padded bras and push-up bras. They naturally have padding that will make your breasts appear bigger. Make sure that you try it on before you buy it because many bras fit differently, even if they are the same size. You will also want to make sure that the padded bra is unnoticeable under your shirt or dress. Also, make sure that you do not get a ridiculously padded bra. People will notice if you show up with breasts that are three cup sizes larger, so it defeats the purpose.

It is always better to buy a padded bra than to stuff your bra. There is nothing else that can actually take the shape of your breasts, and tissue paper won’t cut it. Worse still, anything you stuff your bra with could fall out and lead to extreme embarrassment.

7. Get Better Posture

Your posture can immediately make you look more confident and prettier. It is also the easiest, fastest way to make your breasts look bigger. When you stand up straight, your shoulders raise up and your chest lifts. This makes your breasts appear larger and perkier. If you hunch over too much, your breasts will shrink into your body. Stand with your spine straight, your shoulders back and with your arms uncrossed.

8. The Pill Is an Option, But Not a Good One

Getting on birth control can potentially increase the size of your breasts, but do not do it. Like any medication, birth control should only be used if you actually need it. There are many reasons such as preventing pregnancy or regulating your cycles that can be helped with birth control. Getting bigger breasts is not a good reason to take medication. There may be side effects like mood swings or health problems, so it is not worth it. Try something else on this list instead.

9. Wear the Right Clothes

Your clothes can emphasize your bust or make it look smaller. By wearing the right clothes, you can give yourself an instant breast increase. Try to pick a top that has a pattern or lace around your breasts. Horizontal strips along your breasts will also make them appear larger. Be careful about low-cut shirts. If they are too low-cut, it will make your breasts seem smaller. If they are low-cut the right amount, it will make you have cleavage that appears larger.

Other options include dresses or shirts that fan out from your breast bone or pendant necklaces that reach your cleavage. You can also try wearing a shirt that has one color above your breasts and another below it to make them appear bigger. Do not wear shirts that are too tight because these will only serve to make your breasts appear smaller than they actually are.

10. Skip the Scams

Unfortunately, there are many, many scams involving breast growth. You will most likely come across advertisements for supplements that are supposed to make your breasts grow naturally. Researchers have currently found very, very few pills that can actually make your breasts grow naturally, and many of them have unwanted side effects. If you want your breasts to grow, you should focus on natural solutions like what you eat and your exercise program. If you are convinced that you need to try one of the scam supplements, make sure that you talk to your doctor about it first.

While Botox can actually give you a breast lift and is not a scam, it is also not worth doing. It can cost thousands of dollars and is only a temporary fix. Like any medication or surgery, it carries risks as well. It probably won’t give you that much of a breast lift, so it is decidedly not worth the price or risks.

Be patient. It takes time for your breasts to grow. Some women do not really see their breasts increase in size until their late teens. Be patient and it will happen.