My 85-year old grandfather still sleeps with my sick 79- year old grandma – 16 year old girl laments

A 16-year-old girl has lamented over the sex life of her grandparents saying they are too old and has decided to sought advice on how to tell them to stop.

This was what she wrote;

“I am a girl aged 16 staying with my grandparents. My grandfather is 85 and granny 79. My grandmother is in a wheelchair and I can see her health is suffering.

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I don’t know how to put this, but my grandparents are still having sex at their age. I don’t think my grandmother is in a good state to be doing such, especially every night.

Yes, I hear sounds coming from their bedroom every flipping night. I love my grandmother so much and I am scared one day she’ll die because of physical activities.

Obviously, I can’t raise it with her because I’m young. Would it be wrong if I told my mother to speak to them? I don’t wanna lose my granny.”

Kerzia Anani
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