I’m sorry – Addi Self Down On His Knees And Beg Shatta Wale To Forgive Him

Addi Self, one of the Militants of Shatta Wale, has apologized to the dancehall musician, in a recent Television interview instead of going to his house.

A few days ago, Shatta Wale in a live Facebook video has announced to Ghanaians and his SM fans that he has parted ways with militants for disrespecting him on several occasions.

Angry Shatta Wale in the video said the militants are also lazy and they lack the qualities of a good musician like himself regardless.

But, speaking on an Accra-based HSTV, Addi Self said he has realized his actions and comments may have unknowingly hurt Shatta Wale without him intending to.

By this, he is rendering an apology to his former boss to forgive and accept him back into the camp as they were before remorsefully.

He said;

“You know I am very sorry for what I have done and heard. I know I hurt you and I am sorry and I am ready for us to amend things and do things together, you know, for life.”

Will Shatta Wale forgive this prodigal son?

Abena Magis
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