We Spend Many Sleepless Nights To Take Care Of Patients – Female Nurses Reveals

Greetings my lovely people. All too soon, the weekend is almost here and I know how we can not wait to spend some time with our children and to also get some rest.

However, I would like to hit hard on some of the sacrifices most female nurses make just to be able to discharge their duties efficiently and effectively.

They go through a whole lot of stress just to make sure that a sick man who is admitted at the hospital gets the best of treatments as well.

One most important thing to know is that most female nurses had to sacrifice their sleep at night to be with the patients on admission.

While the Teacher, Banker, Minister, Pastor, Engineer just to mention a few are enjoying their bed at night, probably with their spouses, the Nurse is still awake working tiredly to make sure the patient is well attended.

There are moments when pregnant women in labor will be rushed to the hospital at odd hours and the nurse will be available to make sure she has delivered safely.

What about motor accident victims? I don’t want to talk on this since you already know how stressful it is to dress a wound.

On this count, I want to implore everyone to respect the nurse. Anytime you see a nurse, salute her.

Medaase. Salut!

Abena Magis
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