I Sacked Militants Because They Are Just Lazy – Shatta Wale Speaks


Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale someway and somehow has found himself in the news again but this around for parting ways with his Militants.

The outspoken musician has confirmed that he has sacked the militants, an action he says is in the right direction for everyone.

According to him, he decided to sack the militants because they are too lazy for and he doesn’t want anything to do people who are simply lazy.

In a Facebook Live chat on Thursday, May 28, Shatta Wale said the militants, made up of  Addi Self, Captan, and Natty Lee cannot do simple songs but were behaving like bosses.


“They are not serious with their work and I know God wanted them to leave for me to progress more. I sacked them in January because they are not serious.

“How can I send you and you feel like we are friends so you don’t want to go. They came to me because they know I made it. None of them knew me but through my hard work I made it and they came to me but they didn’t want to work,” he said.

Apparently, Shatta Wale seemed to be the one who always writes verses for the militants in their songs, something he cannot continue to do.

“I write their songs line by line and the annoying thing is that they are not remorseful after they wrong me.

“If you work in a bank and you are given time to report at eight, you cannot just come at your own time and that was how the militants were behaving. I ask you to go for money at eight and you go at your own time, I won’t take that nonsense,” he said.

Notwithstanding, Shatta Wale has disassociated his brand from the militants saying they are releasing some useless songs online to dint his hard brand.

“They have released a couple of useless songs including Mandela so I quickly have to come to tell the truth that the songs are not coming from me. They are on their own now,” he noted.


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