EC are bosses behaving like foolish kings – Asiedu Nketia fumes


The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has angrily likened the bosses of the Electoral Commission (EC) to a ‘foolish king’ who doesn’t heed to advice.

An angry Asiedu Nketia who spoke on Ade Akye Abia Morning Show on an Accra-based Okay FM reveals that his party will initiate moves to alert Ghanaians of the danger to understand the need stand with the opposition to kick any move by the EC to endanger the country.

He noted;

“We think that all the measures that the EC is putting in place are nonsense. They are doing things as if they are ignorant about the electoral process and it will end the country in chaos and so we are also putting measures in place to show Ghanaians the danger in the decision of the Electoral Commission (EC).”

He continued;

“The issues that we should have discussed at the IPAC meeting, they should have been sensible enough to have accepted our ideas to make the electoral process better but they are still adamant to adhere to our ideas. We are now putting things together to show Ghanaians and we know that every sensible Ghanaian will understand us and know that what the EC is doing will not help us.”

He jabbed;

“ . . if you are a King and you listen to advice at home before you speak in public, any time you speak the people will see you to be a good King, who is sensible and accord you all the accolades like King Solomon. But a King who will not listen to advice, any time he takes a decision, even if it is not good, he will say that he has the power, and will go and embarrass himself in public; that is exactly what the Electoral Commission is doing.”

Meanwhile, General Mosquito has claimed that the compilation of a new register may hit the rock since the law upon which the EC will use to compile a new register has not been passed by Parliament.

“…the law has been taken to Parliament three times and it is all due to the fact that EC has decided not to discuss the law with any political party and so Parliament keeps finding faults in the law. This is the third amended law and even with this one, we don’t know if Parliament will accept it or not”, he asserted.


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