Thursday, February 25, 2021

I have taste for married men, Is it my destiny or its a curse? – Pretty Lady

A troubled but very beautiful Ghanaian lady has slid in the inbox of relationship and marriage coach, Dr. Noamesi over an issue bothering and giving her some sleepless nights.

This lady who identified herself as Trudy Ela Yaa Opoku moaned that she has always been attracted to only married men since she was a teenager in the Senior High School.

Now, at age 22, she is now even more sexually attached to only married because of the special care and treatment they give it.

Reaching out to relationship and marriage Counselor Dr. Noamesi, she is seeking to know if it is her destiny to be attracted to only married guys or it is just a curse placed on her by someone who might probably hate her for no reason.

According to her, her first relationship was with a married man who took away her virginity and has been like that since.

She has dated over four married men already which she seemed not happy about the situation at all and now seeking help.

Miss Opoku shockingly indicated that she hadn’t been in a relationship with a single guy before and now it’s getting to her since she can’t call any of those married guys her partner.

Let’s help a sister… Do you think it is her destiny to be attracted only married men or she has been cursed by someone who probably might want her well in life?

Drop your advice and suggestions in the comment box to help a sister to the best solution. No advice is silly and please don’t wait till its too late.


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