Freda Rhymz angrily shouts at Sista Afia on live TV


It is crystal clear that Freda Ryhmz and Sista Afia are not ready to smoke pipe anytime soon as many Ghanaians might be hoping for.

After the two were engaged in a nearly physical fist at the premises of TV3 Network, they haven’t learned any sense at all.

Sadly, the two songstresses appeared on the United Showbiz TV show yesterday host by Nana Ama McBrown when details to their beef were discussed.

Freda Rhymz who spoke first took time to explain why she dissed Sista Afia said she was pissed when she (Afia) dropped a rap beef song only for her to come on IG live to cry to her fans.

But Sista Afia said this whole beef was between her and Eno Barony but Freda forced herself into the trend, so the right thing she should have done was to pay her (Afia) some money so that they can make the beef interesting.

However, things nearly got out of hand when Freda Rhymz angrily raised her voice at Sista Afia saying that Sista Afia isn’t making any sense at all. Freda Rhymz even attempted walking out of Nana Ama McBrown but she was stopped.


One would ask, what is actually wrong with these slay queens, sorry, these ladies.


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