Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Forget LGBTQI And Legalize Prostitution – Political Activist Olumanba

Olumanba, LGBT and Prostituion

Young Political Activist Olumanba, born Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse has suggested the legalization of prostitution instead of gay and lesbianism.

The firebrand politician opined that it would be better if the government will consider legalizing prostitution against LGBTQI.

Olumanba said;

We’ll Close Down LGBTQI Office Ourselves – NPP Member Vows

“Prostitution is legal and regulated in Germany, Switzerland, Australia so I will choose prostitution over LGBT’

At least, a prostitute can end up marrying her client”.

He also the government to confiscate LGBT offices in Ghana and hand over the keys to prostitutes in Ghana to commence business.

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Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse’s weight behind prostitutes is a direct response to Human Right Lawyer, Lawyer Joyce Opoku who argued that LGBT has their human rights according to the constitution of Ghana.

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