Monday, August 2, 2021
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Don’t just plant flowers: there are spiritual flowers – Florist

John Mark Affum

Unknown to many there are flowers with spiritual powers, therefore don’t just plant a flower on your compound but seek for the background of the type and why you want it.

The type of flower one plants depends on the needs; there flowers that are mainly for beautification but there are others that are for spiritual fortification – flowers that prevent invasion of bad spirits into one’s compound, flowers that fight bad spirits and ones that are for protection.

Mr. John Mark Affum, a florist in Kpone-Kantamanso Municipality near Tema told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that some flowers are also planted to prevent invasion of insects and snakes from entering one’s compound, whilst some act as charms to attract good luck.

“The Mostella, is known as the lucky charm flower because it gives luck to people; the snake plants prevent snakes from entering your house and the lady of the night gives a good scent usually from midnight, the lady of night or queen of the nights descends and takes control of your compound with a sweet-smelling flagrant,” he said.

Therefore, don’t just go out to buy or plant just any flower on your compound, you must seek for the background of the flower, and explain to the florist about your needs for appropriate advise.

Mr. Affum described the flower industry as an untapped gold mine yet to be explores to the fullest, and has therefore challenged the youth to tap into the potentials to earn a living.
Mr. Affum described the flower industry as an untapped gold mine yet to be explores to the fullest, and has therefore challenged the youth to tap into the potentials to earn a living.

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In the past it was alleged that Africans and for that matter Ghanaians did not appreciate the essence of flowers, but in recent times, the perception has changed as people are beginning to build flower gardens around their homes and offices.

Mr. Affum also considers the emerging interest in the flower business as a marketing opportunity which must be exploited by the youth.
He said there were a lot of potentials in the flower industries that would help create more businesses to resource the menace of unemployment in the country.

He noted that the sector contributed massively to job creation, environmental conservation and beautification which promoted national development.

Looking at the financial side depends on your location, the type of flowers you deal in and other valuable marketing factors, but generally flower business was lucrative.
“On the average I make about GHC200.00 daily that is when the market is bad, but on a good day, the curve moves way upward, and you smile all the way home, Mr. Affum stated.

He identified foreigners especially those from the United State of America, Canada, United Kingdom among other countries as the initial clients but in recent times however, Ghanaians have developed the interest in beautifying their compounds with flowers which had boosted purchasing.

The florist stationed at Kpone Bridge, said that capita to start the flower business was the major challenge as some of the seedlings were very expensive and scares adding that there were instances where he had to travel to the Eastern Region to get some seedlings to nurse.

He indicated that the acquisition of land was also a problem with the nursing of seedlings because the land needed to be close to a place where water would always be available for watering the flowers and accessible to the buyers.

He called on the government to support the flower market and commercialize the sector to make it a lucrative business for Ghanaians especially the youth to develop interest in it.
Source: GNA

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