Sunday, June 13, 2021

Double Dating Is A Rehearsal To Adultery In Marriage – Lady Reveals


A Twitter user identified with handle @Karrenbabe01 has disclosed her thoughts on double dating. According to her, double dating is a rehearsal to adultery in marriage.

Whiles others are of the opinion that is it good to have a backup boyfriend or girlfriend, or multiple dates and choose from them who is more serious, this lady on the other hand has a peculiar thought.

According to @Karrenbabe01, if you can’t stop double dating while you are yet to get married, you can’t stop it either after you get married. It is likely you will be committing adultery since you are used to doubling dates.

Her tweet reads:

‘Double dating is a rehearsal to adultery in marriage, if you can’t stop it when single, you can’t stop it when married.’




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