Sunday, February 28, 2021

Come and Marry Us – Born-One Mothers Cry For Husbands

Come and Marry Us – Born-One Mothers Cry For Husbands has reported that some born-one mothers have called on well to do Ghanaian men to consider them marriage.

According to the report, these single mothers revealed that they also need good husbands like other women out there.

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However, they bemoaned that Ghanaian men have a bad impression about born-one mothers which is not helping the situation at all.

Notwithstanding, they cleared all the misconceptions about born-one mothers stating loudly that being a single mother is not a crime.

They pleaded;

“… We’re being ignored for a very long. We also deserve a good marriage and husband. We were once single beautiful ladies out there until some men came to impregnate us. Now that we have given birth, they don’t want us anymore. “

Being a born-one mother is never a crime. Men should stop discrimination and marry them now.

Interestingly, Ghanaian female Nurses have made similar complaints that men in Ghana are not approaching them for marriage although they are reaped and ready.

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What is this thing with Ghanaian men?


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