6 Fantastic Reasons Why Marrying A Female Nurse Is Sweeter Than Honey


Hi everyone, welcome to my world full life, ecstasy, and wellness. Today, I am going to talk about why marrying female nurses is sweeter than honey. Yes, it is sweeter than honey and sugar.

The journey of life is full of surprises, you can be living a comfortable life today and tomorrow things might really mess you up without it being any fault or mistake of yours. Such is the life we claim, we are living regardless.

Now are here some reasons why marrying a nurse can be sweeter than honey and sugar. I will be as brief as possible. I won’t bother you with a lengthy article.

1. Job Security

Look here, most of the nurses are very much secured in terms of a job. This is because they are being given permanent appointments by the government, so there are no fears of losing a job as a nurse. This means that, even if the man loses his job, the hope is that his Nurse wife can support for at least three months while he searches for a new job.


2. Health and Wellness;

Since nurses are well-trained health workers, they know how to keep you and your family stay stronger and healthier. Where there are babies involved, the nurse will constantly immunize these babies against those common childhood diseases. Also, she will be able to check your weight so you don’t bloat with a big potbelly. In fact, everything concerning your health and wellness is in her hands.

3. Beauty with brains

To be taking care of sick people as a nurse is not easy because lives are involved. Hence, nurses are not only beautiful but they also have brains. Thus, beauty with brains.

4. Most Caring

Administering treatment to patients requires someone with extra love for human beings and without such trait, you can’t be a nurse at most. If a nurse can take good care of patients at the hospital, how much more taking care of her husband and children. Nurses are the most caring human beings.

5. Romantic

I know this is the most apart you are all waiting for. Yes, most nurses are trained to be sweet and romantic as well. During their course of study, there is a particular course (reserved for another day) that teaches them how to be romantic with their hands. If you have ever shaken hands with nurses, you will know what I’m talking about.

6. Sex Therapists

Nurses are also sex Therapists and you know what this one means. They will give you all the bedroom skills of a lifetime. Go grab a nurse as a wife and enjoy life.

All too soon, we have come to end. I hope you all enjoy this piece here. Thanks for sticking and staying with me. I will be back soon with intriguing articles.



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