GHANA CARD: “No Face Mask, No Collection Of Ghana Card” Policy – NIA


The National Identification Authority (NIA) has issued protocol directives and guidelines ahead of the nationwide Ghana card issuance.

The exercise which begins today, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, after reschedule has seen the introduction of some very important updates on directives and guidelines.

To the National Identification Authority, these guidelines are necessary and must be observed by its field officials and Ghanaians coming for their cards.

Notable among these guidelines for the success of the exercise is the ‘no face, no collection of Ghana card’ policy.

The authority has instituted the ‘no face, no collection of Ghana card’ policy as a precautionary measure to ensure and curtail the spread of coronavirus.

According to authority, no Ghanaian or applicant would be attended to without the recommended face mask.

Aside from the compulsory wearing of face marks by both NIA officials and applicants, there are also equally important protocol directives to be observed at the various designated issuance and collection centers across the country.

The below image fly consists of all the protocol directives and guidelines;


The National Identification Authority (NIA) has started today the issuance of 3,875,441 Ghana cards to applicants in 5,635 registration centers across the country.

The exercise is expected to end on June 16, 2020, that’s according to by Assistant Commissioner of Immigration (ACI) Francis Palmdeti, Head of Corporate Affairs at NIA.

The Ghana card issuance would enable 11,062,850 Ghanaians to possess Ghana Cards so as to be in good standing to vouch for their relatives or other Ghanaians who wish to register during the nationwide Mop-Up registration exercise.

Right after the on-going issuance exercise, the Mop-Up registration exercise would begin on June 18 and probably end in mid-September later this year.

The NIA has assured the general public and its field official the provision of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for use during the exercise in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.