Wendy Shay shockingly unfollows everyone on her Instagram handle

Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay has shockingly unfollowed everyone on her Instagram handle.

It is quite surprising why the musician would think of doing such a thing, leaving Ghanaians in total confusion.

Some criticizing Ghanaians have claimed the “bedroom commando” hit maker did this to be the talk of the town since she has not been trending in the music industry of late.

Other concerned netizens claim that Wendy Shay might be going through a dilemma and finds the need to unfollow everyone to get some space since she did not want to get in touch with anything negative.

However, it is quite surprising that the musician  unfollowed her own manager, Bullet leaving everyone worried as to whether the two are in good term or holding grudges.

See screenshot below;

img 3985

Kerzia Anani
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