Ogidi Brown fires Cryme Officer publicly on live radio

Chief executive officer of OGB music, Ogidi Brown has unprofessionally fired his record label signee, Cryme Officer.

In an interview on kingdom 101.9 FM monitored by GHFace.com, the former producer of Fameye officially fired his current label signee for making a public video threatening him to leave his record label if he did not stop his ‘beef’ with Fameye.

Ogidi Brown revealed that he was disappointed and displeased that Cryme Officer failed to understand his situation and instead made a public video disgracing him like his former signee, Fameye.

The producer, also a musician unprofessionally fires his signee on live radio after revealing his displeasure about Cryme Officer’s viral video, saying he could not work with him anymore after the incident.

Watch video below;

Kerzia Anani
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