Thursday, September 23, 2021

We Want To Marry One Man – Ghanaian Twin Sisters Cry

Jane and Janet

Ghanaian twin sisters, Jane and Janet have caused a major stir on social media following their intention of marrying one man.

According to them, they have become inseparable which makes it difficult to have them married to different men.

Sadly, these twin sisters’ dream of marrying one man has become impossible as their parents have strongly rejected their decision to marry one man.

Read the story as the beautiful ladies to social media and narrated on the SelShow, a Facebook Counselling platform.

Dear Sel,

We are twins and have a very tight problem that involves emotions and feelings. As twins, we do everything together and it is very difficult for us to do things separately, so we try as much as possible to be together all the time.

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Sel, we have this male friend of us we grew up with, went to the same schools with and we all now have good jobs and are still goods friends. We like him so much and we believe it is the same on his part too. Recently, he proposed to one of us, but the two of us love to marry and be with him. Even though he is okay, the problem now is our parents. According to them, it is an abomination for twins to be married to one man.

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Sel, we love him together and wants to be with him together as twins. Is it possible for us to marry him or is there anything abominable about our feelings and intentions? If not, then how do we get our parents to understand us, because they have simply made up their minds against this. Please help with your solutions.

Jane & Janet,

Takoradi, Ghana

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