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UNBELIEVABLE! Ghanaian Female Nurses Are Beautiful, Intelligent And Hard-Working

It appears that Ghanaian men are so in love with ladies in the Nursing professions as they sing praises of them.

Yeah! a group of responsible men have disclosed to www.Ghface.com that Female Ghana Nurses are naturally beautiful, intelligent with high senses of humor.

According to these men, they will always choose nurses over any other profession since Nurses are trained to care for lives especially the sick.

They retorted;

“Nurses are naturally good, beautiful and intelligent. They have all the needed qualities a man needs in a potential wife. They have been trained to care for lives which is very remarkable and we will choose them over the others”.

Exclusively, some of these men who prefer to settle down with nurses took their individual turns to explain in detail why they love nurses.

First Man: “My desire to settle down with a nurse is way beyond human understanding and until you encounter one you will not get me. Our nurses are good in every aspect. As I’m talking with you now, I am dating one damsel who is nurse and damn it, she is peculiar. I must marry her at all cost”.

Second Man: “At first I have bad perception about nurses until I fell sick and one devoted herself to attend to me. Man! this nurse is too good, humble and exception in executing her professionally. I fell in love with her instantly and amazing she also did same. We are rolling and will marry soon.

Third Man: “If not for Nurse Abena, I don’t know what will be said of me? At the time love blues brought me to my lowest level was the same time she appeared. She gave me a thousand and one reasons to love again. But unfortunately she was engaged to someone else but through her I was able to marry one beautiful and hardworking nurse.

Another Man: “I am married to a nurse and she is wonderful. She will be the only woman who will mother my children. I love her so much because she loves me too”.

Most of these men refuted claims made by certain quarters that nurses are heart-breakers, unfaithful and not marriagable.

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