Stop Chasing Small Girls And Date Older Women – Ghanaian man Reveals Why

A Ghanaian man, Mr. Kwame Anokye Supremo has revealed why dating an older woman is more profitable than chasing young girls who are now starting life.

In a social media post that has caused a major stir, the gentleman shared the relationship experiences he had with both old and women.

According to him, he would always enter into a relationship with mature ladies that wasting his time and energy on the youngers one who offers nothing.

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He tweeted as monitored by;

“… my guys, be smart and learn very well. dating elderly women is far profitable than chasing these lazy small girls who sit on the internet day and night.”

“Me, I will continue to do big mama things. I don’t have time for these small girls who will bring her whole family problem to you.”

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Mr. Kwame Anokye Supremo has therefore encouraged fellow men to go after elderly ladies than small girls who do not want to work.