Slim Guys Are Very Stingy, Their Coins Don’t Fall – Ghana Girls Spill Secret

A number of Ghanaian ladies have described slim guys to be very stingy, misers whose coins or perwas fall on the ground.

According to these ladies, most slim looking guys or men do not like spending their money on ladies simply because they are very stingy for unknown reasons.

Taking their turns to speak to said;


“Slim guys in Ghana today are so and very stingy, misers that they are never ready to spend on ladies. Their hard palm is so obvious because even their coins or perwas don’t fall on the ground.
Nobody lady will be happy dating slim guy because he won’t spend on her, its in their DNA but it time we ladies must to dwag them fast.”

These seemly unhappy ladies has therefore advised fellow ladies to shut their amorous contact with slim guys because they’re not ready to spend on ladies.

“Oh! its not that we don’t like guy who are slim oo. But just that they have funny excuses on their lips. Slim guys if they decide to spend on you will attach conditions.”



Abena Magis
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