Lesb@!ans Are All Over Me In My Girls School – Yaa Jackson

Kumawood teenage actress, Maame Yaa Jackson has disclosed in a recent interview that lesb@!ans are worrying her for a rel@t!onship in school.

Speaking to Delay on the ‘Delay Show’, the actress cum musician said, she is been disturbed by some mates in school who are l.esb!ans into having a rel@tionsh!p with them but she always turns them down.


According to the now ‘Tear Rubber’ singer, she tells lesbobo school mates that she is only interested in men and not the other way round.

“It is a girls’ school so it is not strange for lesb!@ns to propose to me. They come to tell me that they want to date me but I turn them down”

She added that, there are a lot of men in town and doesn’t understand why she should be in a rel@t!onsh!p with a wom@n but she won’t criticize them for their choice of becoming l.esb!@ns.


“There are a lot of men around what will I do with colleague wom@n? I cannot criticize l@sb!ans that what they do is right or wrong…I cannot criticize someone. That is her choice…that is what the person wants but I am not a homos3xual”

Source: www.Ghface.com


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