Rich Men Should Marry More Women BUT Poor Men Must Marry Just One – Lutterodt

Ghana’s ever-controversial marriage counselor, George Cyril Lutterodt has disclosed that rich men can marry more than one woman while poor men should kindly stick to one woman.

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According to the reverend minister, marrying more than one woman has the tendency of prolonging one’s life span. But quickly added that the act called polygamy is reserved for the rich man.


“I Entreat The Rich To Practice Polygamy. Those Who Are Married To One Have Cardiovascular Diseases Because They Are Worried. Women Should Understand That Polygamy Is The Way Of Life For Them To Enjoy Their Husbands”.

The outspoken personality in an interview with Akrobeto on UTV’s ‘Real News’ mentioned that he wished he could get a second wife but he is being restricted by religion and his decision to be a pastor.

“If A Man Marries More Than One, He Is Worshipped. Man Is A God. Women Are Created To Compete Among Themselves. So When They Know They Are Sharing One Man, They Take Care Of The Man Very Well. If You Marry More Than One Woman, You’ll Not Die Early…” He Stated.