No Girl Will Choose Six Pack Over Six Cars – Upcoming Gospel Singer

Haha, a Popular Facebook user by name Angel N Altamura has social media ablaze with a simple text that had gotten almost everyone talking and wondering.

Angel N Altamura is well known for her good sense of humor which her family and friends on Facebook love enjoy. In fact, she can really crack the ribs with some of her posts.

But on June 12, 2020, Angel N Altamura posted something that has gotten all her friends especially the guys thinking.

She cautioned the guys that there is no single lady on this planet called Earth will choose six-pack over six cars. As hilarious this may sound, it is also the hard truth.

She added that guys who are wasting their precious time in the gym to get six-pack should think again. There is much more in life then building six-pack.

She posted on Facebook;

“No girl will choose six-pack over six cars,, so guys stop going for the gym every day, go and work!!!”

Angel N Altamura has spoken the truth and he who is ear must listen to what to spirit is saying.

Stay blessed…


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