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Ewe Is An International Language, Here Is Why?


Ewe is the official mother language being spoken by the good and lovely people of the Volta Region in Ghana, West Africa. It has about 4.5 million speaking Ghanaians.

Ewe is one of the most leading and accepted languages which can confidently and comfortably sit among the first three major languages in Ghana. It races with Akan and Ga.

It is being taught in schools; from pre-school, nursing, kindergarten, primary, junior and secondary, as well as tertiary levels across the nation.

Ewe, aside, being widely spoken in Ghana, the pleasing to ear language has crossed the borders and shores of Ghana to other Africa and European countries.

It is on this fertile and solid ground that there is no room for an argument of why Ewe should not be an international language. Ewe has always been an international language since time memorial but just that this aspect is unknown to many.

Now, here’s why Ewe, the most popular language among the Ghanaian citizens is an international language by all standards.

Take a ride with me King Fred Noamesi as your Ewe educationist today.


1. Ewe is an international language because it is spoken in three other African nations aside from Ghana. These other Ewe speaking Africa countries are Togo, Benin, and parts of Nigeria.

2. Ewe is also a language spoken by the Bremen township in Germany.

3. It’s one of the many languages being taught as a language course at the University of Bremen, Germany.

4. The Bremen people wrote the Presbyterian hymns and wrote the Ewe Bible.

5. Ewe is also being spoken in a town in Rivers State in Nigeria called Gokana.

6. It’s believed that some towns and places in India speak Ewe.

7. Ewe is a dynamic as it’s developing fast as well as adopts to change.

Let’s now learn some simple words in Ewe for future use.

Father: Fofo/Tor

Mother: Danye/ Nor

Brother: Efo

Sister: Daavi

Uncle: Torga

Aunt: Norde/ Tasi

Child: Devi


How about knowing some greeting in Ewe?

Good morning: Ŋdi na mi;

Good afternoon: Ŋdɔ na mi

Good evening: Fiɛyi na m

How are you: Efoa

Finally for today; Let’s get familiar with some beautiful and interesting Ewe names for Male and Female Children.


Emefa – It is calm

Peace: Fafa

Elorm: God loves me

Mawuli: There’s God

Mawusi: Hand of God

Mawusiko: Only God’s hand

Kafui: Praise God

Dela: Saviour/Deliverer

Delasi: The hearer hears

Delali: a Saviour is

Edem: God saves me

Sedem: God saves me

Kindly take note that most Ewe names given to people are direct attributes of God especially when being translated.

Also, learn something here, just observe.

Mawu: God

Se: God

Now learn keenly these examples below:

Mawuli: God lives

Seli: God lives

Mawudem: God saved me

Sedem: God saved me.

All too soon, we have come to the end of today’s Ewe lessons. Make a date with me at another time.


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