Sunday, June 13, 2021

Most men not married at 40 because they Mästürbäte – Owurayere Arhin

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Marriage Counselor, Lady Evangelist Owurayere Nanapanin Arhin has uncovered some truth about why most men are still not married at aged 40 and above.

In a sit-down with FNN24, the outspoken relationship activist unveiled that some men are still single even at aged 40 not because they are broke but because they are addicted to mästürbation.

The self-acclaimed Ambassador for post-marital counseling who is against mästürbation otherwise known as self-abuser said the act is evil and should be discouraged among the youth.

She argued that once a man gets addicted to the act which is also known as self-abuser, he loses in interest marriage or having s e x with a woman.

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This, according to her, is the first and foremost reason why some men who are 40 years old and more are still not married because they have devised their own way of satisfying their s e x u a l needs.

Owurayere Nanapanin Arhin also mentioned that most marriages are breaking down because one of the couples prefers to mästürbate, hence, ignoring the emotional needs of the other couple.

She revealed;

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“… Fred, there’s a certain age if a man is still not married, then there is a problem. Men who are 40 years plus and they are still not married are mästürbators, they mästürbate a lot.

“Mast*rbation, according to our Christian values is sin and must be discouraged among us. When a man is deep into the act, he loses interest in marriage or even to have s e x with a woman.

“Many men have become infertile because of this same. Once a man keeps mästürbating, he weakens the veins in his penis and that is the beginning of his woes.”

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She advised married women to report their husbands who mästürbate to their family to call them to order before it gets out of hand.

“Any woman who catches her husband mästürbating should immediately blow the alarm. report him to his family before it gets out of hand.”


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