Most Female Nurses Are Heartless & Heart Breakers – Ghanaian Men Angrily React

A group of Ghanaian men has subtly responded to the claims by some female nurses that men don’t come forward to propose ‘love’ and ‘marriage’ to them anymore.

It would be recalled that published an article on April 4, 2019, that Ghanaian nurses have lamented that men don’t propose to them again.

In response to these claims, some young Ghanaian men have reached out to Fnnewsonline to explain why most men are very reluctant to propose or date nurses.


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According to these angry young men, most female nurses in Ghanaian are rude, disrespectful, full of pride and on top they are heartbreakers.

Interestingly, these men took the opportunity to share some of their bad experiences with the nurses and it is so sad.

They said;

“It is not like men are scared to approach nurses but their characters and attitudes are just bad. Most of there nurse are very arrogant and disrespectful especially when they are in that their uniforms.”

“If you don’t know, nurses are number one heartbreakers. A nurse can break your heart easily because she has found a new lover”.

“FN, let it be on record that men are not scared to propose to these Nurses, however, they are very disrespectful and arrogant. Even at the hospital, see how these nurses are cruel and impatient towards their own patients. They do not have the qualities to be wives.”