Ghanaian Female Nurses Are Now Money Lovers – Counsellor Adofoli

Relationship counselor, Frank Adofoli has disclosed in a detailed article reasons why Ghanaian female nurses are not getting marriage proposals.

It could be recalled that first published a story concerning some beautiful Ghanaian female nurses lamenting how men are not approaching them anymore for a serious relationship.

Well, probably the nurses’ lamentations have triggered a response from Counsellor Frank Adofoli who has explained why nurses are not getting married.

In a social media post, Adofoli hinted that most nurses are not getting marriage proposals even after being of age because most of them are not ready to settle for less.

Kindly continue to read Counsellor Adofoli’s full piece below and do well to leave comments or personal experience in the comment box.


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“On my way to a Television’s morning show, I was trying to find out what was being discussed on the radio and I came across an interesting discussion; Single nurses were complaining that the men are not proposing marriage to them, so the presenter sought to ask the public why the men were not approaching the nurses.

These were some of the interesting responses from men; some cited disrespect, others talked about character and how they maltreated patients at the hospital whilst some are of the view that they like money and are not submissive.

It’s really hard to speak for all nurses but one thing I can confirm as a Counselor is that, nurses are one the professionals who have lots of issues in relationships. From those who visit my office, to those who call and send messages, nurses form a large part. This message is not to paint the nurses black or bad, but to help them.

Growing up, I wanted to marry a nurse. To me they were the most caring people on earth. I came to this assertion due to how a nurse treated me when I was sick and was on admission at the hospital.

How this nurse could clean up my mess, be patient with me, encouraging me and being a friend as well. I felt that the nursing profession is about one’s calling and not about the gain or salary. How much money will be enough to pay for someone to take care of their mess? No amount of money can equal that, and to think about this nurse doing that with smiles on her face, was amazing.

Years on, I dated a nurse but the outcome of the relationship was a disaster, she was the opposite of what I experienced growing up. I left that relationship into another, but the story was no better. I concluded after the third date that nursing is no longer as it used to be.

Truth be told, these days it’s hard to see a lady going into the nursing college because she has been called for that. People buy the form because of the benefit, how much they will earn in the end, what they can buy or acquire being a nurse, the money is just the focus.

This doesn’t mean all nurses are there for the money but a lot of them are. And they go into a relationship with the same mentality. Right at the nursing colleges, they want to date a guy who will meet their needs and they easily let go of the relationship or cheat on their partner for top up when their needs are not met.

They are marrying you based on what you do, how much you earn and how wealthy you are. Some also in relationships who earn more, easily disrespect their partner who earns less and some try to control the relationship.

Every young nurse is in a hurry to get a ride, so it becomes so hard for them to reduce themselves to accept a proposal from a man who is walking. What they do not know is that, family or relationship is not built on wealth but on love and happiness.

There are people who cry in their luxurious cars, there are spouses who live in mansions but don’t talk to each other. There are others who are riding bicycles but are happy even in that state, there are spouses who walk holding hands whilst some partners cannot ride together in their luxurious cars.

Having a wealthy family or a rich partner doesn’t matter but having a happy one does. Money is not everything, it’s meant to solve a problem, we don’t live for money, money didn’t create us. It’s so wrong to go into a relationship for riches.

God factor first, love and happiness second and money should be the last. If it’s not a happy ending then it is not a good ending at all. You should always remember it is not how rich the person is which will guarantee your happiness in the relationship, but how well you connect, how you feel. You can’t judge people by their looks; inside every person you know, there is a person you don’t know.

In conclusion “Beware! Don’t always be wishing for what you don’t have. For real life and real living are not related to how rich we are” – Luke 12:15 (TLB).”