Men with ‘SMALL MANH00D’ don’t last long in bed – Study reveals

A new research reveals that men with small manh00d do not last more than one minute in the bedroom as compared to those with bigger manh00d.

The research conducted by Frederick Noamesi, also known as Uncle FN took place in some selected major cities in Accra and Kumasi with full findings to be published on in due time.

According to the study, men with short manh00d usually turned to have low self-esteemed even the action begins with the notion that they might not be able to satisfy their women.

Secondly, men with small manh00d were found to always put the light off in the bedroom prior to the act. This is because they do not want their partners to actually see their manh00d because of the size.

Thirdly, the study found out that these men also turned to discourage any form of foreplay such as cuddling, caressing, k1ssing before the match starts.

Also, the study confirmed that these men turned to give up in the course of the act when they penetrated into their women too easily.

Comparing men with small manh00d to those with bigger manh00d, the research claimed the latter seemed to be more confident, expressive and lively in the bedroom.

The findings of the research explained above led the researcher to arrive at the conclusions that men with huge man manh00d have the possibility of being ten times happier than those with small manhood.