Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Ladies, First Date Is Not An Attempted Sex Adventure; Say No To Him

Frederick Noamesi

Unknowingly to most ladies, having sex with him on your first date is totally wrong and unacceptable especially with our African culture and religious background.

There is no way you should allow a guy you went out with on your first date to have sex with you. It is absolute nonsense to do so regardless.

See, any guy who will ask you for sex on your date does not love you but just want to remove your pants and have a taste of your juice.

Even if he is trying to seduce you with all kinds of sugar-coated words, you should quickly discourage him, you can even ask to leave with reasons that you are running to catch up with a television program.

You just make him understand that you have been watching the program for some time now and you can not simply afford to miss it whatsoever. Just get up and walk away and see if he will run after you to see you home or not. If he does not get up to follow you, then, know that he is just interested in getting into your white pants and not you as a woman. haha, quietly run for your life. Be smart!

But if you sit there for him to blow you up with all the sweet words in the universe and he succeeds in removing your Las Vegas pant, he would not trust you again for the rest of your days. It is common with guys. Be warned!

Guys, on your part, it is very wrong to attempt having sex with a lady you fought hard to accept your invitation to go on the first date with you. In fact, it is emotional abuse to the lady because you think she is vulnerable or at your mercy. Repent!

The first date is just going out to gotta know each other and exchange some ideas probably and not an attempted sex adventure. God bless us all as we stay focused on developing ourselves.

Stay blessed!

Dr. Noamesi

Relationship Coach

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