I was sold out to a Lebanese for two years – Lady cries out

A lady, Faustina Kobina lived in Lebanon for almost two years, worked as a house help but was never paid in that period.

On Daily Hustle on SVTV Africa on Youtube, Faustina shares the plight of Ghanaian ladies living in Lebanon. According to her, a Ghanaian agent sells them to a Lebanese family for over $5,000 to work with them.

Most often, the family rarely pays them and in extreme cases poison the house help to avoid payment.

She further stated that the agent may not be bothered about the worker once they (agency) are paid.

”I work from dusk to dawn without rest. I sometimes sleep at 1 am and wake up at 6 am. The cycle then continues. You can’t complain to the agency because there won’t be proper feedback. Most ladies run and end up in prostitution,” Faustina added.

She admitted that coming back to Ghana with no money has been time-wasting; ”I won’t advise any young lady to trust such agents, you may end up dead. There’s no place like home.”

Faustina is presently homeless, sells water to make ends meet and needs our help to start a business.