I only go to church to dance and I don’t attend one particular church -Asamoah Gyan

Black stars captain, Asamoah Gyan a.k.a Baby Jet has stated that he goes only to church to dance to the music but does not attend one particular church.

Asamoah Gyan said, his main purpose of attending a church service is because of music which moves him however, when the music is over, he becomes too eager to leave the church.

‘’ I love music a great deal and so when I go to church and they play music or sing, I dance a lot and I become happy, Once they finish singing or playing the music, then I try to look for the next exit’’ he said amid laughter.

According to him, he was born and baptized into the Methodist church but that doesn’t make him a full and committed member stating clearly that he’s open to grace any church.

‘’It is the same God that we all worship and so if anyone invites me to his or her church, I honour those invitations. I am all ‘weather’ and so I go everywhere and it depends on which church invites me on any Sunday.’’

He further stated he would on any day also honour an invitation from the Islamic community to visit their mosque for an event saying ‘’ I don’t taboo that, I will gladly oblige them’’