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How to win Bet in Ghana

How to win Bet

Bet is undoubtedly one of the quickest and most popular ways of making money online today.

Specifically talking about the Ghanaian population, betting is a prime source of income to most teenagers, students and even some employed workers.

One question that runs through the mind of most punters especially those who are new to betting remains; How Do I Win Bet In Ghana?

Frankly, there is no simple or direct way to answer this question. Even to the most experienced bet punter, this question is always a tricky one.

Luckily for you, you have chanced on the blogpost which brings an insightful dimension and answers to this question.

Stick and stay with us, to uncover some raw facts about how to win Bet in Ghana.

  1. Believe That Anything Can Happen

Betting is a gamble. No matter how well or how badly you describe it, its basic explanation is that it is a gamble. And as such, gambles are uncertain. There are several likely outcomes with each gamble.

For bets, you either win, get a refund or you lose your money entirely. So, for you to become successful at betting, you need to make up your mind that every single thing can happen.

This prepares you for all possible occurrences and puts you in a better mood of making cooler choices when selecting your odds.

2.  Avoid Multi bets Like a Plague

Anytime a punter books a bet with a booker and it turns out that the person has multiple bets on the same slip, the booker smiles wider.  Though it looks nicer and it boosts your possible wins, multi-bet is a joke more than anything else.

Expecting to win a multiple bet is not just highly impossible, it also forever deepens your woes as a punter.

The sad thing also is that this is a result of greed. Bet in itself is a gamble as I’ve indicated above. So why then would you want to bet on lots of events on one slip, hoping to multiply your gains?

The best way to place a bet is to place them separately. The highest you should go is 2 or 3 games on a slip.

The more games you add on one slip, the higher your chances of losing your money and probably retiring early from this business.

With proper strategy, you can win a bet every single day and one of such strategies is for you to stake single bets only.

Still, looking for how to win bet in Ghana?

3.  Go For Value, Not Just Odds

Value is of much importance to a punter who means business. The game of sports betting is a very delicate one that is pre-fixed on emotions.

The bookies fix their odds based on the outcomes they think the public will be expecting.

That’s why against a smaller team that has been performing well over the last 5 matches, a big team like Barcelona can be given a higher odd. The bookies know that since Barcelona’s form has dropped a bit and the small team is performing well now, people are to expect that the small team will run over Barcelona.

So, the odds for Barca will go up while the small team’s odds will drop slightly.

As someone looking to make serious money through sports betting, your focus should be on the value of each odd. And if truly the team deserves such odds at the time. When you realise that a team is undervalued, you go for that team and most times, you’ll be right. Because the bookies don’t set up odds to favour you. They set them up to make the losing option more attractive to you!

So, if you’re thinking of how to win a bet in Ghana, then you know what to go for!

4.  Don’t Dwell On The Past Forever. Learn To Move On

As a punter, betting is your business. Every business comes with its upsides and downsides. When you face the downsides, you should keep your smile on and in the same way, if you face the upsides, you should never relent to keep your focus.

Focus is key in succeeding as a punter. Once you let your emotions affect you, it’ll influence the choices you make and you’ll further deepen your woes.

If you’re winning consecutively over some time, chances are that you’ll begin to feel like a boss and go for some more risky options. At such times, you should take control of yourself and stick to your original plan.

It’s a game of chances. If your chance comes continuously, never abuse it …If not, you may lose everything you’ve worked for!


Winning bets in Ghana is not as difficult as people think. But, most often, we tend to make several mistakes that come back to haunt our Betting career in the long term.  Apart from emotional betting and not checking values of odds, there are a couple of other things that cause such failure.

In this article, we took a look at how to win bet in Ghana and we hope you found it very interesting and helpful.

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