I Can’t Marry You If You’re Ugly. My Family Teases A lot – Debbielyn Jackson

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It seems we are not going to enjoy 2021 as cool and sober as last year because Debbielyn Jackson is just speaking her mind on the internet by heart.

Debbielyn Jackson is in the news again with a statement that social media users term as “lose talk”

According to “Ohemaa Prove dem wrong” she can’t date or marry an ugly man because of her family ”

She posted on Facebook ” I can’t date you if you’re ugly, my family teases people a lot. I’m sorry🤣🤣 – Debbielyn Jackson”

According to some social media users, the TV presenter is really creating more enemies for herself and the brand with such loose talks.

Others also support her statements as they think she is real and outspoken.

Feel free to judge her.

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Source: Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah (FOKA)