Saturday, November 27, 2021

Ghanaians made us corrupt – Kyei Mensah Bonsu accuses

Kyei-Mensah Bonsu

Member of Parliament (MP)for Suame, Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu says Ghanaians are the reason politicians have become corrupt.

The MP who doubled as the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs indicated that monetary demands from Ghanaians during elections make politicians corrupt.

According to the Suame lawmaker, politicians are corrupt because they have to engage in dubious means to recoup their investments during the elections.

“Next year our constitution will be 30 years and I believe it is time we take action before our people lose faith in the political class. There is nobody who enters politics who is a father or a mother Christma.

In politics you plant today, you will want to reap tomorrow, that is the reality of our time and so if a person is subjected to such huge payments and the person gets elected, his party wins, he is made a minister, contracts are awarded, what do you think will happen, let’s be realistic to ourselves and let’s not pretend. Whatever you plant, you reap the same harvest.

“So when people turn around and blame the political class, you are introducing corruption in the system. When you met the person on the highway and rob him/her of his/her possessions before allowing entry into that city, you think he is a Father Christmas.

He gets there, you think he will not be looking to reimburse himself for the next battles ahead…so let’s not blame the political class because we ourselves are encouraging them by our own conduct.”

Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has therefore pleaded with Ghanaians to stop tagging politicians as corrupt but rather blame themselves for encouraging corruption.

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