Ghanaian Prophetess blames God for Ghs 1.6 million Menzgold ‘Bad’ Investment

Ghanaian prophetess based in Kumasi, Josephine has made known how God directed her to invest her money with Menzgold.

According to the popular prophetess, she invested all life savings of GH¢160,000 million into Menzgold because God told her to do so in a dream.

Prophetess Josephine indicated that she wouldn’t invest such huge money into menzgold if God hadn’t revealed it to her in a dream.

She revealed;


“For me frankly speaking God gave me the revelation to invest in Menzgold through a dream. I saw in my dream that I was holding bars of gold. We were going somewhere, me and my classmates and somebody called my attention to gold bars lying on the floor.” She narrated.

“Somebody by the gold kept giving me the big bars, and so one girl standing by asked why the person was giving all the big bars to me alone since she was the one who saw it. In the dream, I didn’t know what gold was and so I would leave the gold bar and somebody would call my attention to the fact that I had thrown my gold away.”

Prophetess Josephine explained the first time she heard of Menzgold, she only invested Ghs 30,000 but increased it when she became fully convinced God has given her a good “cocoa farm.”


“Initially I invested 300million cedis (GH¢30,000) but my shop with which I was doing retail trade got demolished by the authorities for encroachment. I relocated to Akyempem but soon a rich man came to buy the land there and I was removed and so I collected all the money I had Including that for the shop and took it to Menzgold,” she revealed

She now takes comfort in Lamentations chapter 4 verse 1. “Look at how gold has lost its brightness! See how dull the fine gold has become! The sacred Jewels are scattered at every street corner.”




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