Forget Broke Guys, Never Give Them Your Bodies – Women Advised

A budding Nigeran lady, Omotola aka Jesusbaby has advised her fellow women on social media not to give their precious b.o.d.i.e.s to broke men.

According to her, broke guys don’t add value to ladies’ lives hence there is no need for them to have your b.o.dies.

She added that boys with lowlife have nothing to lose and could drag these ladies to their own level hence the need to shun them entirely.


She tweeted;

Stop having zex with all this lowlife poor boys that will come and drag you because they have nothing to lose, you people won’t hear word.

Those of you coming to this thread to cry should keep crying since you lack sense to comprehend.

Ask yourself why u are triggered and insulting me over this tweet!
Are you a lowlife?

Do you come to the TL to shame women because you both had zex? So why exactly are y’all triggered?…..or you just lack comprehension? Well every1 will be Aii.