Don’t marry a nurse, teacher or worship leader if you are not strong in b.e.d – Counselor Lutterodt

Self-acclaimed relationship expert, George Cyril Lutterodt has advised men never to dream of marrying a nurse, teacher or female worship if they are weak in b.ed.

According to him, these group of women (nurses, teachers, and worship leaders) is active and extremely good in b.ed.


He disclosed that nurses and teachers are good in the be.dr.o.o.m so any man going for one must be strong as well and not weak.

Concerning nurses, the counselor revealed that they do not the only r*m.a.n.c.e at the hospital but they as well r.o.m.*nce in the bedroom.

Counselor Lutterodt gave the caution on ‘Tales from the powder room’ program on GhOne Tv as a panelist.


He said;

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“Nurses are good in the, so are the teachers. Men who want to m.a.r.r.y them must be strong in order to satisfy them well. The same applies to female worship leaders, they are too good and can send a man to another realm.

What most men don’t know is that nurses do not only r*om*nce at the hospital but also ro.m.a.n.ce very well home too.”