5 Reasons Why Ghanaians Still Loved ‘Dancehall Diva’ Ebony Though She Is De.a.d & Gone

Yes, Ebony Reigns is no longer alive as we might wish but we still her for who she was and the kind of music she did.

Today is one year prior to the death, Ghanaians and the world at large still haven’t gotten over her death

It feels like she is still living among us, listening to her music sends goosebumps into our veins and waves into our ears.

Now, here are some reasons why we loved Ebony Reigns.


Ebony – Maame Hw3

Ebony released her first single titled ‘Dancehall’ which subsequently gave her fans hit after hit until her untimely demise. She will forever be remembered for her popular song ‘Maame Hwe’.

The young talent became a household name because the lyrics of her songs were very relatable and easy to sing along.

Hard work


The 20-year-old’s energy and attitude towards her career was extraordinary. She headlined almost all the major events that took place in December 2017 from Miss Malaika 2017 to Citi FM’s D2R, Afrochella among others.


The songstress has unique stagecraft and it was always a pleasure to watch her perform on stage.

She wowed her fans on every platform she was given the mic to perform. Ebony has remarkable stagecraft and her memories will always linger on in our hearts.

‘I don’t care’ nature

Ebony Reigns lived her life through her music career. She was herself and didn’t care about others opinion about her lifestyle. In one of her interviews, the fun-loving artiste disclosed that she usually gets inspiration to write explicit songs from her past relationships.

Fashion sense


The sponsor hitmaker, Ebony made bold fashion statements in her music videos, interviews and whenever she stepped out on stage to perform. Her choice of apparel caused stirs on social media and made headlines on major websites and blogs after every performance.

She was just unpredictable and knew exactly how to get our attention with her seductive dresses. She was also among the female celebrities who don’t wear a bra

Source: www.Ghface.com