Civilian Men Are More Romantic Than Our Men – Female Soldiers Reveal


In a news report by Awake News, Some beautiful Ghanaian military women have disclosed that their colleague men in the military are not as romantic as civilian men.

They, however, bemoan how civilian men who they said are more romantic find it very difficult to approach them for a marriage proposal.

According to them, their men are too “fast and hash” in doing everything; an attitude they [men] might have imported from the military field into their love life.

“Being romantic towards your woman is having the patience and calmness to talk to your lover and slow in doing the thing”

“Oh! no, but this….some of them ‘bugabugabuga’ as if they are on a war front and being chased by their enemies”

They stated that most of them wish to be connected wish to be linked to civilian men who can calm the heat in them down.


“Really, we don’t even know why civilian men fear us that much and find it very difficult to approach us. Meanwhiles, we, military women are the calmest, discipline, and romantic”

When asked if they are ready to date civilian men, this is what they have to say

“Please, ooooo…. we beg link us”

In Ghana, it rare to see a civilian man married to a military woman. But that time is getting to an end. Let’s link you up to a military woman. They are ready.